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How do you go about getting your hands on details pertaining to warrants and recent arrests in Indianapolis?

Like in many other cities across the country, the Metropolitan Police don’t make it easy for people to find information on Indianapolis arrest warrants. However, they have no qualms about providing their arrest log and their jail records online.

In contrast, a warrant search can be done through the judiciary. But, don’t expect in depth information. Continue reading to know how you can initiate an arrest records and warrants search…

How do you find the arrest records for Indianapolis?

Information on recent arrests in Indianapolis is not available from the local police department, but you can get it from the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. The name based arrests records search tool is available at

You can also access the arrest log by using the booking number of a detainee. Regardless of the search criteria used, you will get the complete arrest report of the subject pertaining to the criminal case in connection with which he/she was arrested. From identifier information about the detainee to bond and incarceration data and details about the charges against him, the arrest records have all of this and more.

In what way can you access the jail records for Indianapolis?

If you want more than just details on recent arrests in Indianapolis, you may also want to use the convict search tool offered by the Indiana State Department of Corrections. Unlike the arrests records offered by the local law enforcement agencies, this app provides details on persons serving out their sentence in state penitentiaries.

You will find this facility at The search can be initiated by using the offender number or the name of the subject. The response includes:

  • The full name and details of the convict.
  • Sentence information including details on conviction charges.
  • The release date, if applicable.

How do you initiate a warrant search in Indianapolis?

You cannot find information on arrest warrants through the law enforcement office. So, you will have to approach the local judiciary for your warrant check. Fortunately, the case search tool offered by the State judiciary provides a free and easy way to access details on criminal cases as well as citations.

Both of these apps allow you to find criminal court records by using the name of the defendant, the case number or the citation number. The results of your warrant check will include such details as:

  • The name of the court handling the matter.
  • The case type.
  • Case filing date.
  • Names of parties and attorneys.

If active warrants are issued, the case history will have a mention off this along with the numbers of the outstanding warrants.

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Crime stats for Indianapolis

Indianapolis often finds itself in the list of cities with the highest crime rates across the country. Termed as one of the most dangerous places to live in the United States, in 2019, the city saw an increase of almost 10% in victims of non-fatal shootings despite an overall drop in violent crime rates.

On average, nearly 11,000 violent crimes and over 36,000 property crimes are reported in the city. This puts the rate of violent crimes at almost twice as those of both the state of Indiana and the country.