Indy Woman turns out to be the Queen of Identity Thefts!

With 45 counts of identity theft filed against her, Kacey Rucker, a 35 year old resident of Marion County, IN has turned out to be the most prolific criminal of her kind to be arrested in the state. Rucker’s crime spree spanned across 4 counties and involved 2-3 other fellow conspirators.

The defendant stole from nearly 20 people using forged checks and charge cards that were lifted from their wallets. The prosecutor working on the case, Terry Curry, said that the defendant had a surprisingly simple modus operandi.

She would somehow gain access to local businesses and would proceed to steal the wallets of employees. The prosecutor revealed that she wiggled her way into Avon, Greenwood and Kokomo stores and stole sensitive data and documents such as social security cards as well as birth certificates.

The relative ease with which she accessed this information and how simple it was for her to unleash financial mayhem on her victims just goes to prove a very important point- You should never carry important documents that have any mention of your social security number on your person.

Rucker is now cooling her heels in jail with 45 criminal charges filed against her, including one for corrupt business influence, two for counterfeiting and four for forgery and several counts of misdemeanor theft.

When The Indianapolis PD raided Rucker’s home to place her under arrest, they found incriminating evidence, including the documents she had stolen. The police also arrested another individual named Monique Turnbow in connection with the crimes.

However, the other perpetrators who are believed to have supported Rucker in her criminal misdoings are still at large. The Indianapolis PD has filed separate charges against Ms. Turnbow. Rucker who was the mastermind of the criminal ring has confessed to committing the crimes that she is being charged with and now awaits trial.