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It would be hard to talk about the Lake County Clerk of Court’s department without discussing the all important role that the agency plays in keeping judicial records. They handle multiple tasks when it comes to the maintenance and dissemination of court documents. To begin with, the agency deputes its personnel to all courthouses in the area.

They are responsible for gathering judicial records which are eventually included in the Lake County court dockets under the specific case heading. This information is brought back and saved in a central repository that contains details on trials handled by all courts in the county.

Furthermore, the Clerk of Court’s office also entertains case search requests from various law enforcement and criminal justice agencies along with civilians. Although an inquiry of this nature can bring back details on the criminal cases against an individual, the results will typically be cumulative, meaning you can find out about criminal transgressions as well as civil litigations in the name of the subject.

Of course, it is also possible to launch a case search in Lake County, IN through the various courts. For instance, you could very well go to the Superior District Court for judicial records. The best part is that the clerk of court’s department also works out of the same building. So, it will only be a matter of going from one office to another.

There are three options available to get a Lake County case search done; you can visit the local courthouse in person at 2293 N Main St, Courthouse Crown Point, IN 46307 or you can contact the Clerk of Court’s office which is located in the same judicial complex. Another way is to launch your inquiry pertaining to judicial records through mail, but this can be a lengthy process as it takes longer for the agency to respond. Finally, you could simply find Lake County court dockets online at