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When considering a case search in St. Joseph County, most people prefer to take the online approach because there are state offered options to look up judicial records through the internet. Not only is this a convenient approach, which allows applicants to view court dockets linked to criminal and civil matters from the comforts of their own home, but also the web tool discussed ahead in this article allows people to conduct inquiries pertaining to court dockets free of charge.

The online case search service available to users who are keen on accessing judicial records for St. Joseph County, IN, can be used to access court dockets from all tribunals that make up the state’s judicial system. So, you could find details about cases heard by the Trial Court, the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court and even the Tax Court through this service.

On the page at, pick the type of case and the court in which the trial was handled. Court documents that are connected to criminal matters can be sought by using the name of the defendant, the case number, the citation or the name of the attorney.

For civil matters, you will need the name of the litigants, the attorney or the case number to pull up the judicial records for a particular dispute. As soon as you insert the relevant information and click on search, the results of the inquiry will be made available to you.

Needless to say, if you are keen on launching a case search in St. Joseph County, which is specific to that geographic area, you can always get in touch with the clerk of court’s department at 227 West Jefferson Boulevard, South Bend, Indiana 46601. Of course, you could also take your inquiry to the courts directly, but most will simply tell you to contact the county clerk’s office for information or use the online case search tool.