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The Indiana State Police (ISP) Host the central crime information center which contains information on all criminal matters that occurred in the state. The database is populated through the details received from the sheriff’s departments of all participating counties. At the time of writing this article, the ISP’s crime history repository only held information on felony and Class A misdemeanor arrests from Indiana.

This database is made accessible to law enforcement official from across the state and also civilian applicants. The state police offer two recourses for crime history checks; it is possible to initiate an inquiry into the criminal history of your subject online or by mailing in a completed background request form to the Indiana State Police.

About ISP’s online crime history check

To avail this service, you will have to visit the ISP website at; these inquiries are charged at $16.32 by credit card payment while subscribers pay a bit less at $15 per check. Mail inquiries are also charged lower at around $7.

All searches conducted through ISP’s online tool are considered to be complete requests that will be charged regardless of the results. So, even if the search brings back “no information found” or inconclusive information, the applicant will still have to pay for the inquiry.

It is left up to the applicant whether to save this information or not; if a hard copy is required, the subject will need a printer to get the records in a black and white format. For multiple searches, it would help to become a subscriber of the service by visiting the ISP access page at Schools and non-profit entities can get a fee waiver.

Information received through a crime history check

Mail as well as online inquiries are sorted through the same database, so the applicant of such an inquiry will receive information on the charges filed against the accused in misdemeanor and felony cases that are less than one year old. Details will also be furnished about matters that have been disposed from the courts with a guilty verdict.

The findings will identify the accused by his name, aliases and physical indentifying traits. Case related details will include arrest dates, charges brought against the offender, dispositions and incarceration.

Information on cases that did not result in a conviction will not be included in the records. Also, the state of Indiana allows people to file for record expungement. So, those records that have been expunged in keeping with a court order will also not be made accessible to the public.

The Indiana State Police maintains crime history information for cases going right up to 1935. Information on offenders is stored in this database till such time that the person dies or till he/she reaches the age of 99 and if they have not been charged of a criminal act in the last 15 years.

The crime history report offered online or through mail by the State Police is considered to be an official document. For this reason, the results of an online search cannot be stored or sent to another party for reference. For mail requests, you can send in the inquiry form to:

  • The Indiana State Police: PO Box 6188, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6188
  • Central Records Division: Indiana Government Center, 100 N. Senate Avenue, Room N302, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204.

At the moment, ISP only offers name based online searches, so the results may not be conclusive and you may receive information on more than one offender in the state system who meet your search criteria. If the results of your inquiry bring back the message “unresolved request”, you can get the subject to visit the Indiana Government Center for fingerprinting. The results of a finger print inquiry will be mailed to the applicant.