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The Allen County criminal court is meticulous about following the statute of limitations when issuing an arrest order. Because a signed order for arrest, which is known as an active arrest warrant, does not go out of effect until the individual in question is brought before the court, it would be safe to suggest that the judiciary is essentially marking a person’s life by issuing the warrant. So, every effort is taken to verify case related facts.

The magistrate is responsible for ascertaining the facts’ veracity and whether they establish the person’s guilt against whom the warrant is being sought. However, the police department has entrusted the task of presenting all relevant information before the court.

A request for a warrant will generally be accompanied by a writ that outlines the crucial bits of details about the matter, including a description of the crime, witness testimony, and other evidence gathered along with information about the person in whose name the warrant is sought.

The judge carefully studied these to ensure that the facts will be enough for filing a case against the person; only then is the arrest order signed by the magistrate.

Active warrants that are not executed are saved as pending in a national legal database from where they can easily be accessed by arresting officers from over the country. The legal term for such pending arrest orders is outstanding arrest warrants.

If you are looking for arrest records related data, the most reliable source of information will be the Sherriff’s Department of Allen County. The law enforcement agency has records on every warrant ever issued by the local criminal court, so approach them by paying a visit in person. Their contact details are:

  • Address: 715 S Calhoun St, Room 101 Courthouse, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802.
  • Fax no: 260-449-7915

Can you get any information pertaining to Allen County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • For information on arrests and prisoners, get in touch with the Allen County Sheriff’s Office at 260-449-7535.
  • For case related inquiries, get in touch with the Criminal Investigation Unit at 260-449-7431.
  • For arrest records and police reports (accident/incident), get in touch with the Criminal Records Unit at 260-449-7630.
  • For information about arrest warrants, get in touch with the Warrants and Fugitive Division at 260-449-7636.
  • For victim assistance, get in touch with the Prosecutor’s Office at 260-449-7641.
  • For further information on submitting a request for a criminal background check, get in touch with the Clerk of Court’s Office at 260-449-7245.

Crime statistics of Allen County

In 2019, the Allen County Sheriff’s Department dealt with about 826 criminal complaints. Around 642 of the complaints were for property crimes. There were 436 cases of larceny theft, 128 incidents of burglary, and 78 cases of motor vehicle theft in this category. Allegations of aggravated assault resulted in the filing of 117 violent crime complaints.

If you are mulling over conducting a warrant search on one of your acquaintances but are not sure that such drastic means are called for, take a look at the crime data from the county. From 1999 to 2008, over 123,000 crimes were reported in Allen, and over 8000 of these were violent criminal incidents.

The annual rate of crime has burgeoned to well over 1000, and criminal activities are rampant in the area, with an occurrence being reported every hour. Of the total crime figures, most reports are filed in robbery and theft cases with nearly 95,000 incidents, while murder and rape are lower on the crime charts with just about 220 and 1000 reports filed.

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