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Fulton County, Indiana arrest warrants can only be released after a criminal tribunal’s sitting magistrate has been convinced of the accused’s guilt. This cannot be done on mere verbal information from the investigating officers. The sheriff’s office’s court services wing has to file a formal affidavit to request an active warrant.

Once the document is filed in court, this opens the way for a pre-warrant hearing. Such a session is very different from the trial proper; there is no jury present during such hearings. It is up to the magistrate to decide if there is probable cause to accuse the person in question. It is imperative to understand here that the judge is not acting on behalf of the police.

The judiciary is chosen as an impartial mediatory to decide whether the charges brought against the individual by the sheriff’s department are justified. If probable cause is found to exist in the matter, a warrant is released almost immediately. The judiciary maintains a copy of the arrest order and an affidavit filed by the law enforcement agency.

Both documents’ originals are handed over to members of the sheriff’s team present during the trial. From here, this order is taken to the police headquarters, and it is stored in their crime database indefinitely, first as an active order and then as a Fulton County outstanding warrant.

The office of the county clerk is roped in to maintain records of arrest warrants. This department prepares the court dockets and makes relevant information available to the judiciary when required. So, to get a warrant search done, you can go to:

  • Judiciary: 125 E 9th St, Rochester, IN 46975
  • Law enforcement: 815 Madison St, Rochester, Indiana 46975
  • Clerk of court: 125 East Ninth Street, Rochester, Indiana 4697


Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Fulton County? (2021- Update)

  • Recent arrests-related data: (800) 419-2819.
  • Inmate search: (574) 224-5630.
  • Arrest warrants search: (574) 223-2819
  • Case search and judicial records search: (574) 223-4824.
  • Queries pertaining to crime victim’s assistance: (574) 223-6147.


Crime Statistics of Fulton County

 In 2015, the Fulton County police reported an annual crime average of a few over 110 complaints. The listed offenses included 10 violent crimes and over 100 property crimes.

The violent crimes category was the sum of 5 cases filed against aggravated assault, 3 against rape and 2 against robbery. In the property crimes category, burglary and larceny theft each brought in around 50 complaints.

Cases of murder rank the highest when the crime rates of Fulton County are compared with the nationwide and the statewide risk indexes. Instances of murder clock a risk level of 22 when the state average is at 92, and the national rating is at 100. Overall, the area’s crime average stands at 11, which is lower than the federal and state risk rates of 100 and 75.

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