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Although the crime rate in Hamilton County, Indiana, is among the lowest in the state, it would still be sensible to undertake a precautionary measure like a warrant search when deciding to hire someone.

While there is a lot of legalese out there on criminal matters, before you go through the arrest records for Hamilton, it would be better to understand how warrants work and when these arrest orders are issued.

Although an active arrest warrant is issued at the local criminal court’s discretion, things are put into motion by the Sherriff’s Department that approaches the judiciary with a petition requesting a warrant against an individual. The writ offers the court insight on the crime, the criminal, and ancillary information available in the case.

After carefully studying the matter at hand, the judge may issue a warrant immediately or ask to speak with a witness or two to ensure that enough evidence exists to file criminal charges. Once this has been ascertained, the arrest order is signed, making it an active arrest warrant.

Because this document can be issued at any time of the day or night, it is not time-bound. It can be executed at just about any time and any place. Also, it never goes out of effect. So, if a warrant has ever been issued against, and if he/she was not arrested, it will still be in the system as an outstanding arrest warrant.

To get the information required, you can pay a visit to the Sheriff’s Office located at 18100 Cumberland Rd, Noblesville, Indiana 46060.

Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Hamilton County over the phone? (2021-data)

  • Call (317) 776-9800 for information about recent arrests and active warrants confirmation.
  • Call (317) 776-9887 for information pertaining to the investigation of a crime.
  • Call (317) 776-9828 for details pertaining to juvenile detention and services.
  • Call (317) 773-1872 for an incident report, arrest records or accident report.
  • Call (317) 776-8595 for victim-witness assistance.
  • Call (317) 776-9629 for information on initiating a search for Hamilton County judicial records.

Crime statistics of Hamilton County

While the property crime rate of Hamilton County stands at approximately 5.8 incidents/1000 residents, when you add cases of vandalism, which have an annual average of 12.86/1000 residents, to this figure, the annual average becomes worrisome.

Together these crimes categories lead to an annual incident rate of 5600 criminal cases. Add to this the 600 or so instances of violent crime and residents end up with a yearly crime average of well over 6000 crimes.

If you are not particularly keen on browsing through the arrest records, a cursory glance at the county’s crime rate should help you change your mind. Between 1999 and 2008, nearly 27,000 crimes were reported in Hamilton, IN. Most were related to theft and robbery, while rapes and homicide were fewer, with about 200 and 10 incidents.

The overall crime scenario has deteriorated in the area, with a rise of almost 50% in the rate of violent crimes. On average, nearly eight incident reports are filed in the county every day, and in most cases, the person victimized is no more than a mile from his home.

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