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Hendricks County, Indiana, has among the lowest crime rate of all counties in the state, yet this does not mean that you should forego the formality of conducting a warrant search when taking on a new employee. It would also be best to go through arrest records and a background check to be on the safer side, even for newly made friends.

Because an arrest warrant is only issued after scrutiny of case related facts, it would be safe to suggest that while an order for arrest is not a conviction, if the criminal court has issued a warrant, there exist ample evidence in the matter to hold the person in question responsible for the crime.

Once an active arrest warrant is procured from the court, the police department will try to make an arrest based on it almost immediately. However, if it is put on the back burner as an outstanding warrant for some reason, it in no way loses its efficacy. So, a person who has an outstanding warrant in his/her name will also be arrested if confronted by a law representative.

It does not take a lot to do a warrant search on an individual; walk into the Sheriff’s Office located at 925 E Main St, Danville, Indiana 46122. You can also use the form given above to get your hands on an internet-based database of arrest records.

Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Hendricks County? (2021- Update)

  • Call the Hendricks County Jail for information on arrests and inmates: 317-745-9332.
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office for police reports, accident reports, arrest records, and criminal records: 317-745-6269.
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office through the non-emergency phone number for general questions: 317-839-8700.
  • Contact the Investigation Division for questions related to criminal investigations- 317-745-9354.
  • Call the Clerk of Court for a case search: 317-745-9231.
  • Contact Victim’s Services to get help for victims and witnesses: 317-745-9283

Crime statistics of Hendricks County

In 2014, approximately 1000 criminal incidents were reported from across Hendricks County. Local law enforcement offices handled more than 850 property crimes, which included offenses such as larceny-theft (598), burglary (182) and motor vehicle theft (71).

 Of the nearly 150 complaints against violent crimes, over 130 resulted from instances of aggravated assault while robbery and rape led to the filing of 9 and 6 complaints respectively.

While Hendricks started with a surprisingly low crime rate in 1999, which was in double digits by the end of the decade, this figure had gone up by almost 50%. If this rampant growth is not stopped, the crime figures may very well reach 2000 in the next few years.

Of the annual crime rate, which stands at almost 1500, most cases are related to robbery with nearly 1200 incidents, while murder and sexual assault are rarer, with just about one case a year for homicide and about seven complaints of rape.

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