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Fountain County, Indiana arrest warrants are only issued when the accused fails to shows up for the hearing after he has been released on bail and when the police levy a serious criminal charge against an individual. Although the civil tribunals also have a detention order called bench warrant at their disposal, this does not have half the powers of an active warrant.

Over time, a bench warrant expires and the prosecution has to reapply for the order if they want a person to be brought in. However, arrest warrants are perpetual in nature; even years after release the only real change that comes to these orders is a slight change in the legal terminology used for them. An active order that remains un-executed is called an outstanding warrant from Fountain County.

The police have the authority to chase a person beyond the geographical bounds of a county and even enlist the help of law enforcement agencies from other states to capture an accused who has a warrant in his name. In fact, active warrants are not limited when it comes to their execution. This means that the arrest can even occur outside the issuing county.

If you are looking for information on arrest warrants issued in your name or that of a loved one or would like to get a warrant search done, there are three agencies that you can approach.

  • Law enforcement: 216 Union St, Covington, Indiana 47932
  • Justice agency: 301 4th St, Covington, IN 47932
  • County Clerk: Courthouse Square, Covington, Indiana 47932

All agencies will provide basic arrest records and warrant related data along with related information where possible like civil records, if the name of the subject figures in the most wanted list of Fountain, etc.

In the five years from 2002 to 2007, nearly 700 criminal complaints were lodged with Fountain County, IN sheriff’s office. Of the annual average of approximately 150 incidents about 15 are violent in nature, so the rate of violent criminal incidents stands at almost 10%; this, despite a whopping 110% drop in the rates of such crimes.

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