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In Putnam County, Indiana, active warrants come from the magistrate’s office; however, it would be wrong to assume that the magistrate can issue arrest warrants at his whim. A proper legal protocol has to be followed before such a detention decree can be released. So, when you need to do a warrant search, it would certainly help to know how such an order is issued and the various state agencies involved in the process.

To assume that the police have a role to play in the entire procedure is, of course, a no brainier. After all, cops put in all the leg work needed to find the evidence required to build a case. So, they not only have the authority to take a person into custody without a warrant, but also they are responsible for petitioning the court for a Putnam County active warrant.

This is done to ensure that when an arrest cannot be made at the crime scene or if the offender cannot be apprehended while in the act, the police do not have the undue powers to take just about anybody into custody. The judiciary is appointed as an impartial state entity that decides on the merits of the police case.

Once the sitting magistrate signs an arrest order, it becomes an active warrant that can be served at any time and any place. On the same lines, Putnam’s outstanding warrant is also above the limits of geography and time; it is merely a detention decree that is yet to be served.

The police maintain arrest records and a few other judicial offices, but also, these state departments keep all information about arrest warrants. To find this data, you will have to seek a warrant search through the following agencies:

  • The sheriff’s office: 120 4th St, Hennepin, IL 61327.
  • The magistrate: Same as above.
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 236, Hennepin, Illinois 61327.

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or details about warrants from Putnam County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • Inquiries pertaining to recent arrests: 765-653-1810
  • Questions pertaining to a criminal matter: 765-653-3211
  • Inquiries from victims about the assistance available to them: 765-653-2724.
  • Requests for criminal court records: 765-653-2648.

Crime statistics of Putnam County

On average, Putnam County law enforcement agencies handle around 700 crimes each year. Of these, over 120 are violent crimes, which puts the annual average of such cases at almost the same level as the state average.

The annual property crime rate of the area, which is in the vicinity of 560 cases, is lower than the state and the national averages. Of these cases, burglaries have the highest occurrence frequency with almost 400 complaints filed against such crimes each year.

On average, three crimes take place in Putnam County, Indiana, every two days. With this, the annual crime average can be calculated at a bit below 500 incidents. Of these criminal acts, only about 10% are violent.

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