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If the police want to detain an individual, but if the crime has not been committed in front of a peace officer, the only recourse available is to petition the local criminal court. This is done through a written, formal complaint filed by the Warrick County, IN sheriff’s office on behalf of the victim, or the public prosecutor can submit it.

This affidavit has to contain all case-related facts gathered up to that point, including details about the incident and reasons for the conclusion that the occurrence was criminal. The petition will also mention details about the suspect, including his/her name, gender, race, etc. Finally, the writ’s essential part is the section that offers insight on probable cause and the evidence on which it is based.

The affidavit is prepared so that the sitting magistrate has a fair idea about the case and the individual’s complicity in whose name the warrant is being sought. Only after a probable cause has been ascertained will the police be given a judicial arrest order.

As it is known, the active arrest warrant is issued at any time of the day or night, given the seriousness of some cases, and to facilitate quick arrests. An active warrant has to be served for it to be removed from the police database.

However, the arrest order can often not be executed, and it is then saved in the system as an outstanding arrest warrant. Essentially, the change in terminology is the only difference here while the order’s powers remain unaffected.

For a warrant search in Warrick County, Indiana sheriff’s office located at 100 State Rd 62 WBoonville, Indiana 47601. Although you can get in touch with the records clerk at 812-897-6180, don’t expect to receive arrest records over the phone.

From 1999 to 2008, Warrick County has witnessed a significant increase of almost 50% in its crime rates. Of the 5000 plus cases reported over this period, nearly 10% were violent crimes. The annual incident rate stands at over 600, and almost two crimes occur in the area every day. In most instances, these incidents happen when the victim is in his comfort zone (within a mile from his home/office).

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