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If you are looking for information on arrest records in Elkhart County, IN, you will need to visit the local Sherriff’s Department. However, your warrant search should start well before you walk into the office of the law enforcement agency. It ought to begin by understanding what arrest warrants are all about.

Arrest warrants 101!

An arrest warrant is simply a judicial order that legalizes the detention of an individual suspected of a crime. While various arrest orders can be issued for imprisonment, a document signed and released by a state or federal level criminal court is known as an active arrest warrant.

How is it used?

An order for arrest can be executed at any time of the night or day. There are no time limitations or area limitations on it. An arrest order that has to do with felony charges can be used to arrest in any state across the country.

The police of any other county are authorized to take the person who has such an arrest order in his/her name into custody immediately and then deports him/her to the issuing county.

What is an outstanding arrest warrant?

An outstanding warrant is simply an active arrest order which has been stored in the system because, for some reason, it could not be executed. In all likelihood, this happens because the suspect has skipped town or because the police are involved in more sensitive matters. Just because an arrest order is outstanding does not mean that an arrest cannot /will not be made through its use.

Information on Elkhart County, IN arrest warrants!

The local Sherriff’s Department can offer accurate details on arrest records and help to simplify your warrant search. So, visit them at 111 N 3rd St, Goshen, Indiana 46526. For misdemeanor warrants, you could check the page https://sheriff.elkhartcounty.com/en/resources/criminal-history-report/ on the official site of the law enforcement agency. You can also use the form given above for an online warrant search.

Can you get any information pertaining to Elkhart County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • To know about arrests, contact Corrections at (574) 891-2100.
  • To get an incident report/arrest report, contact the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office at (574) 891-2300.
  • To get help and information for victims, contact the Prosecutor’s Office at (574) 296-1888.
  • To get access to criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Court at (574) 535-6430.

Crime statistics for the county of Elkhart

In 2015, nearly 590 criminal complaints were filed by Elkhart Police. Of these cases, fewer than 10 were violent crimes, with instances of robbery (4 cases) taking the lead in this crime category. Over 570 criminal cases were filed against property crimes. The majority of these, at over 420 cases, were against larceny theft. Moreover, around 120 cases were attributed to burglary and nearly 40 complaints were lodged against motor vehicle theft.

Over the decade that started in 1999, over 65,000 criminal reports were filed in the county, with almost 5% of these violent crimes. The annual crime figures of over 6500 incidents put the county in the center of the state’s crime scale. Nearly 18 criminal complaints are filed in Elkhart every day, and of these, most cases occur when the person who is the victim of the crime is just a mile away from his home or workplace.

Like most other parts of the country, robberies and thefts are the most typical crimes in the area. Murder and rape are way down the charts with just about 60 and 450 incidents.

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