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While there is a myriad of warrant types that the judiciary can issue in St. Joseph County, IN, an arrest order in a criminal matter can only be granted by a court that handles cases of a criminal nature. This means that the police have to approach the criminal court in the county of St. Joseph for a warrant in an investigative matter where a person has to be detained.

A warrant is not needed when an individual is taken in for questioning; then again, whether a person has been arrested with a warrant in hand or taken into custody to investigate a crime, he/she is not obligated to provide any answers.

The Miranda rights read out to every individual detained by the police expressly state that everything said during questioning will be held against the individual in the court of law.

While criminal courts in St. Joseph County, IN only issue active arrest warrants, which are simply an arrest order signed by the magistrate, a second terminology also comes into the picture when talking about arrest orders- outstanding arrest warrants.

To define it, these are just pending arrest orders backlogged in the national criminal database. An accurate source of information for both active and outstanding warrants is the Sherriff’s Department. Contact them by visiting the office of the law enforcement agency at 401 W Sample St, South Bend, Indiana 46601/ Alternatively, you could speak to them over the phone at:

  • 574-245-6540
  • 574-235-9611

A tertiary option is to use the form given above for a warrant search; it offers access to a third-party collection of national arrest records.

From the year 1999 to 2008, the annual crime average has held steady at nearly 13,000 incidents. So, over the decade, almost 131,000 criminal reports were lodged in the area. Of these, nearly 100,000 were thefts and robberies, including carjacking cases, while murder and rape were comparatively rarer with just about 150 and 1000 cases.

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