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If you are keen on getting a Benton County arrest warrant search done, it will help start with a clear idea of the NC agencies that offer this facility and the private players in the market who provide crime history data. Doing your homework beforehand will help you get the most out of the inquiry while keeping the cost minimum.

Among the state entities in the field are the sheriff’s office, the county clerk’s department, and the magistrate’s court. All three agencies are directly involved in the process of issuing arrest warrants. The cops lay down the groundwork for the process by completing their investigation and offering the information collected in a writ.

The office of the magistrate studies the evidence to decide on probable cause. Once it is observed that there are ample reasons to connect the offender with the crime, the active warrant is sanctioned. These orders are then used to make arrests by the police. The office of the county clerk, in the meanwhile, keeps arresting records and information on outstanding warrants along with the other two offices.

This department also maintains court dockets for the civil tribunals in the area. So, this department seems to be at the pole position in terms of offering information. You can also look for information on active warrants on your own if you use their public service terminals. The state departments discussed herein are located at:

  • Law enforcement: 105 S Lincoln Ave, Fowler, Indiana 47944
  • Judiciary: 706 E 5th St, Fowler, IN 4794
  • County clerk: 706 East 5th Street, Fowler, Indiana 47944


Who can assist you with a warrant search and arrests inquiry in Benton County over the phone? (Updated in 2021)            

  • Want to obtain arrest records- Contact the Sheriff’s Department at 765-884-0080, option-2.
  • Need to know about recent arrests- Contact the Benton County Jail at 765-884-0080, option-1.
  • Need to obtain criminal case records- Contact the Clerk of Court’s office at 765-884-0930.
  • Want more information about victim aid- Contact the Benton County Prosecutor’s Office at 765-884-1399


Crime statistics of Benton County

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office does not submit its annual crime rate to the FBI’s UCR database. The last time this information was published was in 2017, when 6 offenses were reported as “known to law enforcement.” These included 2 instances each of assault and rape and 1 case each of petty theft and burglary.

Older crime statistics

The total crime index of Benton County, Pennsylvania, is 37, which is significantly lower than 92 of the state and 100 of the country. In terms of crime categories, sexual assault had the highest risk index of almost 60, while the lowest average was homicides at just 4.

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