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If your interests go beyond active warrants but are still within the bounds of what would qualify as legal history, you may want to try the office of the magistrate for your Newton County arrest warrant search. The sitting judge hears all petitions relating to judicial orders from IN, including those filed for the issue of active warrants.

Like the police, the court of the magistrate and the county clerk’s office do keep details pertaining to arrest records and warrant issues. However, the magistrate’s representative will also be able to help with details on other judicial instruments like summons, subpoenas and bench warrants for arrests.

Finally, the clerk of court will not only be able to open up a world of crime history information for you but also this branch of the judiciary can get you details on civil matters from their court dockets database. The department is notably generous when it comes to granting access to this repository.

In fact, if you are not averse to the idea of driving down to the justice center, you can conduct the inquiry on your own. The office houses several public service terminals which are linked to the repository of court records. To use this facility for researching Newton County arrest records and outstanding warrants, you will have to carry a government issued photo ID along. To visit the offices of the departments discussed here, you can go to:

  • The sheriff: 304 E Seymour, Kentland, Indiana 47951
  • The magistrate: 201 N 3rd St, Kentland, IN 47951
  • The clerk of court: 201 North 3rd Street, Kentland, Indiana 47951

In the four years that concluded over 2008, there were 900 criminal incidents reported in Newton County, Indiana. Of these illegal acts, about 4% were violent incidents including murder, sexual assault and the like. Property crimes accounted for 96% of the annual crime average of 200 cases. Through this interval, there was an increase of 20% in the crime figures of the area.

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