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Madison County has consistently made it to the top of the list regarding successful crime control. The area has logged one of the lowest crime figures in the state. Yet, precaution certainly beats cure, so it would be prudent to go in for a warrant search when getting into new personal or professional relationships.

An arrest warrant issued in Madison is usually a judicial order granted in response to a Sherriff’s Department request. The police will approach the court with a petition that mentions the suspect’s crime, evidence, and personal details. The sitting magistrate closely considers all the information presented before acceding to issue an order for arrest.

In this respect, a signed document is called an active arrest warrant, and it is issued round the clock to make it simpler for the cops to bring in the suspect immediately. Sometimes, the police may have other more severe issues to concentrate on, because of which an arrest order may be stored in the system for the time being.

In this case, the arrest order goes through a change of terminology and is known as an outstanding warrant. However, this does little to curb the powers that the document bestows on the Sherriff’s Department members. In essence, a person will be arrested even if an old outstanding warrant exists in the system against him.

So, to find out if you or a loved one is at risk of being arrested, contact the Sherriff Department of Madison at 720 Central Ave, Anderson, Indiana 46016. The county clerk will not be willing to offer this information on the phone, but you can call them on 765-646-9290 to know about the precise procedure to be followed for a warrant search.

Remember, if you have an active or outstanding warrant in your name, a visit to the Sherriff’s Office will, in all likelihood, end in arrest. You can also get the information you need from the official website of the law enforcement agency at, or you could even fill out the form given above rummage through online arrest records.

From 2001 to 2008, the rate of violent crime has all but doubled in the county. Annually, almost 3000 criminal incident reports are lodged in the area of which nearly 5% are violent. While violent incidents were numbered below 100 at the start of the decade, by the end of the eighth year, this had increased to almost 200.

This has created a genuine risk of the crime rate swelling to well over 6000 soon. Of the total 23,000 crimes reported in this period, most were thefts and robberies, numbered almost 17,000. In contrast, there were only about 25 instances of homicide and about 170 cases of rape.

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