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While the sitting magistrate of a criminal tribunal with authority to grant arrest warrants in Posey County, Indiana, will usually rely on the police affidavit to ascertain the probable cause, this is not a hard and fast rule. In other words, the judge may very well ask the police to get the witnesses in for a round of deposition when the information in the petition does not seem conclusive enough to point to the accused’s guilt.

In legal terms, probable cause is defined as the grounds on which a reasonable person can be led to believe that the said individual indeed committed the criminal incident mentioned in the police writ. Unless there is enough proof with the cops to prove this, an active warrant cannot be granted in Posey County.

During the pre-warrant hearing, the magistrate’s court and the county clerk’s department are involved in the actual trial. While the sitting judge deliberates on the case filed, a deputy from the clerk of court’s office records all the information presented in the court dockets. Hence, the judiciary and law enforcement have all records about outstanding warrants from Posey County.

Fortunately, in the interest of community safety, all three agencies open up their databases for public scrutiny. While you cannot randomly request information on all arrest orders issued by Posey’s courts during a specific period, you can get details on outstanding warrants in particular cases and against a specific individual.

A warrant search initiated in Posey will get you detailed records on the subject of your inquiry. The results will generally include such information as the charges filed against the person, the verdict of the case, sentencing, incarceration facility, release dates, etc. To get this report, you will have to approach:

  • Sheriff’s Office: 1201 ODonnell Rd, Mt Vernon, Indiana 47620
  • Magistrate’s court: 126 E 3rd St, Mt Vernon, IN 47620
  • County Clerk’s Office: 300 Main St, Mount Vernon, Indiana 47620

In Posey County, IN, less than 150 criminal incidents occur each year. Of this cumulative figure, violent crimes account for almost 25%; this, despite a 300% drop in this category of criminal incidents. The total number of reported crimes has gone up by nearly 30% in the five years from 2001 to 2005.

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