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The state’s legal system has provisions for the issue of different types of orders for arrests. Among these, active warrants are possibly the most potent. However, when you conduct an arrest warrant search in Parke County, IN, you will get details on all directives for detention that the local tribunals have issued.

The bit about courts having the authority to release arrest warrants is the operative part of the paragraph above. Many people mistakenly assume that the power to issue detention orders lies in the police’s hands when the judiciary handles this all-important task.

Whether you are dealing with Parke County outstanding warrants or a bench order, these decrees call for custodial detention. Because such an act goes against a person’s constitutional rights, the power to issue such orders could not possibly be handed to just one agency.

The magistrate who deliberates on the information brought in by the cops is not working on the side of law enforcement. He is a judicial officer appointed to act impartially and release an active warrant when and where it is required. If you are looking for information on arrest records and active warrants from Parke County, you can go to:

  • The sheriff: 458 W Strawberry Rd, Rockville, Indiana 47872
  • The magistrate: 116 W High St, Rockville, IN 47872
  • The clerk of court: Courthouse Square, Rockville, Indiana 47872

For the last few years, the rates of violent crime for Parke County, Indiana, have shown a distinct rise to the point where the annual average of this crime category increased by 18%. However, this was offset to some extent by the nearly 20% drop in reported incidents. Every year almost 230 criminal complaints are filed in the area.

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