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Suppose you are keen on conducting a warrant search in Jasper County, Indiana, for personal or professional purposes. In that case, you will find that such an inquiry entails showing up in person at a state agency’s office. You may have to visit more than one government office, depending on the nature of the information you need and how you intend to use this data.

The sheriff’s office is often the only state agency that people consider when they need information on arrest warrants. However, you will find that the magistrate’s court and the Jasper County clerk’s office also has a wealth of information about all criminal matters, including active warrants.

If you wonder how the information on arrest records finds its way into the judiciary’s hands, it might help you understand that it is not the police in charge of warrant issues. They merely execute the active warrants issued by the local tribunals of Jasper County. The magistrate’s office studies the sheriff’s department’s case filed and ultimately issued an arrest order.

The clerk of the court’s department is also pulled into the process because the personnel of this judicial department is in charge of preparing the court dockets, which are an account of trial proceedings in black and white. So, information on outstanding warrants from Jasper can be sought from any of these agencies. Their addresses are listed below.

  • Police department: 202 S Cullen St, Rensselaer, Indiana 47978
  • Magistrate’s representative: 115 West Washington Street, Rensselaer, Indiana 47978
  • County clerk’s department: Given above

Can you access the Jasper County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)

  • For inmate search and inquires about arrests- 219-866-4993.
  • For arrest records and other Jasper County Sheriff’s reports- 219-866-4950.
  • For Jasper County warrants search and non-emergency complaints-219-866-7344.
  • For County judicial records- 219-866-4927.
  • For victim’s assistance- 219-866-5321.

Crime statistics of Jasper County

Including cases of vandalism, Jasper County has reported an annual property crime average of 15 incidents/1000 people in recent years. This puts the annual incident figure at approximately 500 cases. The complaints filed in this crime category include over 100 cases of theft.

The violent crime rate of the area stands at slightly over 2.2/1000 residents. In terms of incident figures, this works out to almost 73 cases per year.

Jasper County, IN has a reasonably low crime rate of just about 250 incidents recorded annually; of these, only about 20 are violent, while the remaining complaints are lodged against property crimes. Although there was a slight improvement of around 10% in the average reported crime, the nearly 100% increase in the number of violent crimes is enough to get law enforcement officials working hard.

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