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A warrant for arrest granted in a criminal case differs greatly from the other host of detention orders that the judiciary is authorized to issue. For one, unlike other directives for apprehending suspects, which are usually issued because a person neglected to appear in court, a criminal warrant for arrest is solely issued when a person is formally requested by the police.

A written complaint and request is filed in the local criminal court offering the magistrate insights on crucial case related facts like the evidence, crime and suspect. After deliberating over the adequacy of the proof available for filing a criminal case against the accused, a signed order is issued which is known as a Boone County active arrest warrant.

Unlike bench warrants, summons and other directives to appear in court, a criminal arrest order cannot be evacuated and it does not lapse. This means that it stays in the system as an outstanding warrant till the person in whose name it has been issued is arrested.

The Boone County, IN sheriff’s department has access to a central FBI database that not only holds arrest records for the towns and cities in the county but also this repository can be used for conducting a warrant search throughout the country.

So, you will need to approach this local justice agency if you are looking to find criminal information relating to an individual you know. You can try calling them at 765-482-1412 but answers pertaining to arrest records will not be given on the phone. So, visiting the sheriff’s office is the only option. They are located at 1905 Indianapolis Ave, Lebanon, Indiana 46052. On the other hand, if you are more comfortable searching for warrants online, simply fill the form above.

Starting in 2001, the following eight years till 2008 saw an annual crime rate of just about 200; this figure is the sum of all reported violent as well as property crimes. While Boone still has one of the lowest crime rates in the state; the number of incidents reports has steadily increased over this period.

In 2001, the crime figure was in double digits but by 2008, this had increased by almost 100%. Of the total annual crime reports filed in the county, only a little over 5% are occurrences of violent crime.

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