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Arrest warrants from Rush County, Indiana, give police the authority to apprehend the alleged offender named in the order at any time and from any place. There is a reason why active warrants have virtually no restrictions placed on them. These orders are almost exclusively released in criminal matters, and there is a genuine risk of the suspect fleeing from the county in such cases.

Thus, it becomes imperative to ensure that police have almost unlimited powers to help facilitate an arrest. In keeping with this explanation, an outstanding warrant from Rush need not necessarily be executed by cops from within the issuing county. Because warrants go beyond geographical boundaries, an office of the law from any state can affect the arrest.

However, the accused cannot be tried outside the county in which the warrant was issued. For this reason, after the individual is apprehended, he will be deported to the area in which the warrant was released. Given the sheer clout of an active warrant from Rush County compared to other judicial instruments, it is normal for several state agencies to hold information about such orders.

Among the various government departments with limited or complete access to this data are the police’s office, the magistrate’s court, and the county clerk’s department. To get in touch with these agencies for a warrant search, use the contact details given below:

  • Magistrate: 101 E 2nd St, Rushville, IN 46173
  • County Sheriff: 131 E 1st St, Rushville, Indiana 46173
  • Clerk of Court: 101 East 2nd Street, Room 208, Rushville, Indiana 46173

Approximately 150 criminal incidents come to light in Rush County, IN, each year. Only about 10 of these can be categorized as violent, and this low figure can be attributed to the diminishing rate of such incidents in the area. From 2001 through 2008, there has been a reduction of over 30% in the figures of violent criminal acts; however, the number of reported crimes grew by nearly 10% through this interval.

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