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If you want to find out more about arrest warrants issued in Daviess County, Indiana, you will get all the information you need from no less than three state offices. While you do not have to visit all the agencies listed below, it would undoubtedly help to have a clear idea about the type of data you seek and how you intend to put these details on outstanding warrants to use.

For instance, if you need generic crime details along with a regular warrant search for arrest orders issued in Daviess County, going to the police will undoubtedly help. The law enforcement agency keeps arrest records and information on active warrants and maintains crime statistics for the area.

If you want to take a look at the perpetrators on the current, most wanted list of Daviess or would like to know about the number of criminal incidents in the previous year, the sheriff’s office can get these details for you.

In contrast, if you need a background check that includes reports from the criminal and civil tribunals, try the office of the clerk of court. This state department prepares and hosts a database of the court dockets for Daviess County. The best part is that they will allow civilians to browse through their database of such records for free.

Finally, the magistrate’s court will be able to furnish details if you have the case details like the docket number and other preliminary information. Regardless of the type of legal instrument issued against your subject, you are bound to find information on it through the courthouse. So, whether you are interested in details on active warrants or bench warrants, you will find this information from the magistrate’s office. To contact these agencies, use the listings below:

  • Police: 101 NE 4th St, Washington, Indiana 47501; tel no: 812-254-1060
  • Magistrate: 200 E Walnut St, Washington, IN 47501; tel no: 812-254-8669
  • County clerk: PO BOX 739, Washington, Indiana 47501; tel no: 812-254-8669

How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Daviess County over the phone? (2021-current)

  • The County Jail- (812) 254-5974 – For arrests-details, inmate search and inmate services.
  • The Warrants Unit- (812) 254-1060 – For details about active warrants
  • The Prosecutor’s Office- (812) 254-8673-For crime victim’s help
  • The Clerk of Court-(812) 254-8669-For a case search

Crime statistics of Daviess County

In 2017, the law enforcement agencies of Davies County investigated more than 90 criminal matters. Save for one case of homicide/man slaughter all other incidents were property crimes. With nearly 60 cases against such matters, theft was the most commonly occurring property crime while burglary came in second with almost 25 complaints filed against such crimes.

Daviess County, IN, has a reasonably low crime that never really surpasses the 150 incident mark. The number of violent crimes reported in the area rarely ever goes beyond 7 to 8 instances. Then, there is a significant improvement in the crime scene of the county to consider. In Daviess, violent crime figures dropped by almost 80%, while the number of reported crimes decreased by a whopping 170%.

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