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Arrest warrants come in all shapes and forms; while a person who has failed to pay child support and has neglected to appear before court may also have an arrest order against him, a warrant is essentially a judicial order for detention in a criminal matter.

This means that unlike a bench warrant, subpoena etc, an active arrest warrant is not issued by the court of its own accord. The police have to approach the court and follow the legally prescribed procedure to get the warrant.

The ball starts rolling when the Sherriff’s Department of Vanderburgh County, IN presents a writ petition in front of the court detailing the incident in which the individual is suspected of being involved; his/her role in the crime, evidence that points to culpability and contact details of the person with other details which will aid in arrest.

The magistrate pays particular attention to the evidence gathered in the case up till that point; the crucial consideration is the adequacy of the information for the filing of a criminal instrument. Once the judge has ascertained this either through the writ or by speaking to the witnesses, the arrest order is signed which is then legally termed as an active arrest warrant.

While an active arrest order does not go out of effect, it can become an outstanding arrest warrant if it is not executed within a few days of issuance. An arrest order that is stored in the police database is called an outstanding warrant.

For information on warrant and arrest records of Vanderburgh County, Indiana, you will have to contact the Sherriff’s Department; preferably by calling on their head office located at 3500 North Harlan Avenue, Evansville, Indiana 47711. For additional information get in touch with the records clerk on 812-421-6200. You can also use the form given above for online warrant search.

Because the crime figures of Vanderburgh in the year 1999 stood at just about 400, the rise of over 10% in the number by 2008 was not seen as too alarming. Yet, annually, almost 7000 crimes are reported in the area of which almost 660 are violent criminal occurrences. Although rape and murder are not very common, each year nearly 500 and 60 cases are filed respectively in these matters.

However, the bulk of the crime data is reserved for theft and robbery cases which took the number one spot with almost 50,000 incidents recorderdover the decade. The fact that a crime is reported in the county almost every hour should make it worth your time and effort to seek warrant and arrest related information.

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