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If a Spencer County active warrant has been issued against a person, it means both the judiciary and the police are in agreement that there is enough proof to hold the said person accountable for a criminal act. The police can only get judicial approval for detention once they have filed a proper complaint with a tribunal in charge of presiding in criminal matters.

The agency prepares an affidavit to apprise the judiciary of the criminal act and the involvement of the accused in the matter. This petition is deliberated upon in the pre-warrant hearing. At this stage, only the judge has to be shown that there is probable cause to accuse the individual in question of the criminal incident. Once this has been taken care of, there is no delay in issuing an active warrant in Spencer.

The police are expected to serve arrest warrants at the earliest. However when the order cannot be executed because the alleged offender has skipped town, the decree can be held back in the system indefinitely as a Spencer County outstanding warrant till such time that the accused is caught.

Given the involvement of the judiciary in the process of warrant issue, it is understandable why more than one branch of the state’s justice system holds arrest records and warrant details. Although the police keep records pertaining to all criminal complaints filed in the county along with a list of the most wanted, it is possible to initiate a warrant search in Spencer through a justice agency as well.

For this, you can go to the office of the county clerk or the magistrate; the addresses of all there agencies are given below.

  • Judiciary: 200 Main St, Rockport, IN 47635
  • Police: 120 N Second St, Rockport, Indiana 47635
  • County Clerk: 200 Main Street, Rockport, Indiana 47635

Spencer County ranks quite low all across the crime board when compared with the state and national average of criminal incident categories. The highest risk index for the area in terms of case occurrence is for homicide which stands at 22. However, this figure appears miniscule when compared to the state average of 92 and the national average of 100. In contrast, robbery has the lowest risk rate at just 8 whereas the national and state indexes for this category stand at 100 and 73 respectively.

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