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In Randolph County, IN, when an active warrant is requested, witnesses are frequently called in during the hearing. At this stage, their testimony is merely required to ensure that the police have enough proof against the person in question to file charges against him and request a judicial order for his detention.

Arrest warrants from Randolph are issued after much deliberation on the part of the judiciary. The law of the land dictates that such a detention order cannot be issued unless there is probable cause to hold the accused guilty of the crime. However, once an active warrant is put into effect, it is rarely recalled back.

Such orders are often kept in the system for 100 years or more in the form of outstanding warrants. When a person is arrested through the use of such a detention decree or even without a judicial order, his name is included in the arrest records of Randolph County.

Because the police do not have the authority to arrest just about anybody or detain them indefinitely indiscriminately, these arrest records quickly become a part of the judicial database when the case goes to trial. From here, this information can be accessed by just about anybody under the Freedom of Information Act of the State.

So, you have the statutory right to conduct a warrant search in Randolph County, which can be done through the office of the sheriff, magistrate, and clerk of court. To connect with these agencies, you can head to:

  • Clerk of Court: 100 South Main Room 101, Winchester, Indiana 47394
  • Sitting Magistrate: 100 S Main St, Winchester, IN 47394
  • Police: 155 E South Street, Winchester, Indiana 47394


How can I get arrest records and warrant details from Randolph County over the phone? (Expires in 2021)

  • Dial 765-584-1721 for information about recent arrests
  • Dial 765-584-6891 (Winchester PD) or 765-584-1721 (Randolph County Sheriff’s Office) for arrest records and incident reports.
  • Dial 765-584-7331 to report a crime and for general information
  • 765-584-3309 (Superior Court), 765-964-5968 (Union City Court), 765-584-9331 (Winchester City Court)- Dial for information on active warrants
  • 765-584-2644- Dial for information of victim’s assistance available from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
  • 765-584-4214- Dial for starting a criminal case search


Crime statistics of Randolph County

Only 4 cases were listed as known to law enforcement by state and other agencies in Randolph County in 2018. These included 1 case of assault, 2 cases of theft, and 1 case of motor vehicle theft.

Nearly 350 criminal complaints are filed in Randolph County, IN, annually. Fortunately, only about 5% of these are violent. However, this scenario may quickly change because the number of violent incidents has increased by almost 50% from 2001 to 2008. Overall, crime rates grew in tandem with violent incidents and reached a good 40% higher level.

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