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If you intend to perform an arrest warrant search in Brown County, IN, you cannot shy away from the prospect of visiting a state office for the information you need. After all, the police and the judiciary are the entities that are responsible for the issue of all active warrants.

If you wonder who to approach for your inquiry on warrants and arrests, start by pondering over your requirements. Applicants who merely need to find information on arrest records and outstanding warrants from Brown County can walk into the nearest police station.

The advantage of getting the search conducted through the law enforcement agency is that you will also get to check out the most wanted list of the sheriff’s office for free while you are at the agency. Of course, with some digging around, you could get details on annual criminal incident rates for the county as well.

On their part, judicial agencies like the magistrate’s office and the county clerk’s department try to add more value to the inquiry results. So, it is not unusual to find applicants approaching the judge’s office in the hopes of getting additional details on the issue of other legal provisions, including bench warrants and summons.

The clerk of court’s office maintains the database of court dockets, so nothing that happens in the courtroom escapes this agency’s attention. Hence, if you launch your inquiry into Brown County arrest records and outstanding warrants through the county clerk’s deputies, you can also find details on civil matters. The agencies discussed herein work out of:

  • The sheriff: 39 N Van Buren, PO Box 95, Nashville, Indiana 47448
  • The magistrate: 20 East Main Street, Nashville, IN 47448
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 85, Nashville, Indiana 47448

Can you get any information pertaining to Brown County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • Information on recent arrests and warrants: (812) 988-6655
  • Details on assistance available to crime victims: (812) 988-5470
  • Judicial records and case search: (812) 988-5510.

Crime Statistics of Brown County

In 2019, the Brown County Sheriff’s Office received over 250 criminal complaints. These included over 210 property crimes and more than 40 violent crimes.

The property crimes category included nearly 145 larceny thefts, 56 burglaries, and 14 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 38 aggravated assaults and 3 cases of rape.

Over the years, the crime rates of Brown County, Indiana, have shown no signs of budging from their perpetual upward movement. Since 2004, there was a further increase of 100% in the figures of violent criminal acts and a growth of 30% in the rates of reported criminal incidents. The annual crime rate of Brown stands at 80 cases.

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