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Only the court of the magistrate has the authority to issue Wabash County, Indiana arrest warrants. The police have to approach a tribunal with criminal jurisdiction to get their hands on an active warrant. However, the investigating officers cannot just walk into the courthouse expecting to be granted a warrant only on ‘words of mouth’ information.

A valid complaint has to be made in the form of a detailed affidavit that explains the nature of the crime and how the person being accused of it was involved in the act. This affidavit also has to contain details about the evidence collected up to that point. However, the charges don’t have to be proved just yet.

It is enough to merely make them stick so that the warrant can be issued. Active arrest orders never go out of effect; they become outstanding warrants if they are not served within a few days of issue. The sheriff’s office maintains a criminal repository with information on all warrants issued along with Wabash County arrest records.

Apart from this, data about outstanding warrants are also kept in the central, FBI-hosted database, where it is accessible to all police officers across the country. When a warrant search is initiated through a government agency, you will only be provided with arrest records and information on active warrants from within the state of Indiana.

So, if you are looking for nationwide records, you will have to use a third-party database. One can be accessed by filling the form above. However, if a statewide search is good enough for you, try approaching:

  • The sheriff’s department: 120 E 4th Street, Mount Carmel, Illinois 62863
  • The clerk of court’s office: PO Box 277, Mount Carmel, Illinois 62863
  • The court of the magistrate: 401 Market St, Mt Carmel, IL 62863


Is it possible to get information on Wabash County arrest warrants and recent arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • The Wabash County Sheriff’s Office-260-563-8891 – For arrests-details, inmate search, and inmate services.
  • The Wabash Police Department-260-563-1111 – For police and arrest records of cases handled by them.
  • The Superior Court- 260-563-0661- For details about active warrants.
  • The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office- 260-563-3982 -For crime victim’s help.
  • The Clerk of Court- 260-563-0661- For a case search.


Crime statistics of Wabash County

The annual crime total of Wabash County stood at 250 incidents in 2015. Property crimes led to the filing of well over 90% of these cases. Within this crime category, more than 150 cases were a result of theft, and 80 were attributed to burglary.

The violent crime category, which accounted for a mere 3% of all cases filed through the year, resulted in 7 complaints, all filed against assault.

Older crime rates

At least one crime is reported in Wabash County every day; this brings the annual crime average to almost 400 incidents. Through the eight years between 2001 and 2008, violent crime nearly doubled in the area, and there was a significant rise by nearly 70% in the rates of reported criminal acts.

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