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For an arrest that is not made while the crime is being committed to being deemed legal, it has to take place under the authority of a warrant. However, the court does not issue arrest orders in criminal complaints on its own. The Sheriff’s Department has to initiate the procedure of procuring the arrest order.

First, the law enforcement unit approaches the criminal court in Johnson County, IN, explaining the reasons for requesting a warrant to the judge by presenting an affidavit. If found to be relevant, the request is granted, and the sitting magistrate signs the arrest order, which is then called an active arrest warrant.

Given that time is a crucial element in making arrests in serious felonies, a warrant can be issued at any time. It can also be executed without any time or place barriers. However, if an arrest is not made for some unforeseen reason, the order does not go out of effect. Instead, it is stored in the criminal system as an outstanding arrest warrant.

If you are interested in a warrant search, contact the Sheriff’s Office of Johnson County located on 1091 Hospital Road, Franklin, Indiana 46131. An alternative is to fill the form above and access a national database of arrest records.

How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Johnson County over the phone? (Valid in 2021)

  • To procure details on arrests, dial 317-346-4716 or 17.
  • To ask for police reports pertaining to accidents/incidents and arrests, call 317-736-9155.
  • To inquire about active warrants, call 317-346-4615.
  • To seek general information, call 317-346-6336.
  • To ask for judicial records, call 317-346-4450.
  • To get victim’s assistance, call 317-346-4525.

Crime statistics of Johnson County

The Johnson Sheriff’s Office handled 517 criminal complaints in 2018. Of these, 471 were property offenses and 46 were violent offenses. The reported crimes included: 407 larceny thefts, 62 burglaries, 2 auto thefts, 40 aggravated assaults and 6 robberies.

From 1999, the crime situation has steadily worsened in Johnson, with the figures increasing alarmingly by almost 80% by 2008. On average, a criminal incident report is filed in the area every 2 hours, and in most instances, the crime occurs no more than a mile away from the victim’s home or office.

Annually, an estimated 3500 crimes occur in the county, which can be calculated to over 35,000 reports over the ten years mentioned above. Of all the criminal activity, nearly 10% is violent, including almost 15 murder reports and over 150 sexual assault cases.

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