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Monroe County police will usually seek an arrest warrant from the local criminal court before making an arrest. However, the need for an arrest order does not exist in matters where the criminal is arrested on the spot after committing the crime. Of course, a police office can also take a person in custody if he/she commits a crime in his presence.

In cases where the Sheriff’s Department gets a warrant for the detention of an individual, the arresting officer will let the individual know about the warrant before taking him/her into custody, unless the suspect is arrested after pursuit.

Although the procedure to procure an arrest order is not particularly cumbersome, the police do have to present the local criminal court with a written request. Attached along is an affidavit that details the nature of the crime, the role that the suspect is alleged to have played and the evidence collected.

It is the job of the sitting judge to ensure that the evidence available till that point in time is sufficient for filing charges and presenting the individual for a bail hearing. To ascertain this, the magistrate does not have to rely solely on the petition; he/she may also ask to speak to the witnesses.

An arrest order thus issued by the criminal court of Monroe County, IN is legally termed as an active arrest warrant and a document of this nature which is stored in the national database of crime is called an outstanding arrest warrant.

A warrant maybe backlogged for any number of reasons; from the inability to apprehend the suspect to the occurrence of more grievous cases that need immediate attention.

So, just because a person has not been arrested immediately following the issuance of a warrant does not mean that he/she has been let off the hook. In fact, even the smallest legal issue can open this can of worms all over again and result in immediate arrest.

So, it would be prudent to be proactive and surrender in case of a warrant. To find out if there is such an arrest order against you, contact the Sherriff’s Department. Their address is 301 N College Ave Rm 203, Bloomington, Indiana 47404. Take your ID along if you are looking for information on someone else. Needless to say, if you have a warrant in your name, you will be arrested.

The telephone number of the Sherriff’s Office is 812-349-2780; get in touch for more information. You can also use the form above for online warrant searches or to browse through nationwide arrest records.

From the year 1999, the crime rates have increased more than half in Monroe County, Indiana. Starting at just about 200 incidents, the figure has grown to reach almost 300 cases. In fact, till 2008, almost 31,000 crime reports were filed in the area of which nearly 2000 were cases of violent crime.

Of the total crime numbers, instances of theft and robbery were on top of the list with almost 23,000 cases while for rape and murder only about 300 and 20 cases were reported.

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