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In Wells County arrest warrants are issued when the police file an affidavit in court for such decrees. Although, legally, an active warrant is described as a judicial order, the court cannot issue such a directive without input from the sheriff’s office.

This is understandable because one of the primary requirements for the issue of active warrants in Wells County is the establishment of probable cause. In order to ensure that there is enough evidence against the person in question to accuse him of a criminal act, the sitting magistrate needs case related facts and these are furnished by the police in their writ.

It is imperative to understand that while the proof does not have to be conclusive at this stage; a warrant will not be issued based only on the assumptions of the investigating officers. In simple words, there has to be some merit to the complaint filed by the cops for the issue of a warrant.

A proper pre-warrant trial is held before a warrant is handed to the police; this involves deputies from the sheriff’s office, the county clerk’s department and the office of the magistrate. The clerk of court records all details presented in the tribunal and keeps this information in the court dockets for Wells County.

This is how all three justice agencies get their hands on information pertaining to active and outstanding warrants. Hence, when you need to get a warrant search done in Wells, you can approach any of these three departments.

Along with information on active warrants against the subject, you will also be offered details on all arrest records against this person. The contact details of these offices are listed below.

  • County sheriff’s: 1615 W Western Ave, Bluffton, Indiana 46714
  • Judiciary: 102 Market St, Bluffton, IN 46714
  • County clerks: Same as above

Of the approximately 300 criminal complaints that are filed in Wells County, IN every year, no more than 7 are against violent criminal acts. This can be calculated to just about 5% of the total crime rate which is significantly lower than some of the other areas of the state. Another thing to consider about Wells crime rates is that the number of violent incidents has fallen by almost 350%; however, reported crime showed an uptrend with an increase of 50%.

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