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Launching an arrest warrant search in Union County, NC, is quite an easy process. It does not take more than a couple of dollars to conduct such an inquiry, and the best part is that if you are willing to visit a state agency in person, you will receive a response almost immediately. If you are wondering what you can expect to find from your search, here is a look at the typical results generated by various agencies

The police: The sheriff’s office will provide details on all Union County arrest records in the subject’s name. In addition to this, you will be told about any active warrants that have remained unexecuted, as well as those that were used to make arrests. The charges filed against the subject, the verdict of the court in the matte, the sentence delivered, and where the incarceration period was spent will all be included in a formal background report.

The office of the magistrate: Because this agency not only issues arrest warrants from Union County but also search orders, bench warrants, and summons, you can find information on all these legal orders from the courthouse.

The office of the county clerk: This department is in charge of keeping the court dockets, so through them, you can get details on civil cases and criminal trials in the name of the subject.

Where can you go to launch your inquiry on outstanding warrants?

  • Law enforcement: 106 E Union St, Liberty, Indiana 47353
  • Judiciary: 26 W Union St, Liberty, IN 47353
  • County clerk: 26 West Union Street, PO Box 106, Liberty, Indiana 47353


Over the phone, how do you acquire information on Union County warrants and arrests? (This page was last updated in 2021.)  

  • For arrest records, details on warrants, and incident reports, get in touch with the Sheriff’s Department at 765-458-5194
  • To learn more about arrests and warrants connected with cases handled by Liberty PD, call the agency at 765-458-5721.
  • For information on submitting a request for a criminal background check and court case records, contact the Clerk of Court’s Office at 765-458-6121.
  • To speak with the victim’s advocate, contact the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 765-458-6131.


Crime statistics of Union County

The Union County average annual crime rate of approximately 26 incidents/1000 residents leads to a yearly incident total of around 145 crimes. In a typical year, this includes an estimated 28 violent crimes, more than 90 property crimes, and 56 other crimes (vandalism, animal cruelty, drug crimes, kidnapping, and identity theft).

Crime figures for Union County, North Carolina, are only available for the two years between 2005 and 2006. While this leaves little room for comparison, the decrease of nearly 175% in overall crime is conspicuous enough to be noticed. The total number of criminal complaints filed with the police in 2005 was over 50, and about 4 of these were violent crimes. While the latter decreased by 30%, the number of reported crimes plunged to 20 cases per year by 2006.

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