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For an arrest warrant search in Blackford County, IN, you will find more than one option and avenue. An official inquiry on crime history, launched to offer employment, will mandatorily have to be conducted through a state agency.

For this, you have three choices: the county clerk’s office, the court of the magistrate, and the sheriff’s department. While each of these has information on criminal history, including the issue of outstanding warrants and arrest records from Blackford County, they also keep a lot of supplementary information that will be of interest to anybody snooping around in the background of another person.

For instance, the police can tell you about arrests that occurred with and without active warrants, the charges brought against the accused, how the court handled the matter, and sentencing. Similarly, the magistrate’s office, which is in charge of issuing all legal provisions, including bench warrants, will be able to help you with details on search orders, summons, and of course, outstanding warrants.

The county clerk’s office keeps civil and criminal court records. Apart from state-initiated cases against the accused, you can also find out about civil litigations in the subject’s name. For this data, you can go to:

  • Law enforcement: 0064 N CR 500 E, Hartford City, Indiana 47348
  • Judiciary: 110 W Washington St, Hartford City, IN 47348
  • County clerk: As given above

In Blackford County, Indiana, the sheriff’s office handles no less than 250 complaints per year. While this figure may not seem too serious at first glance, nearly 20% of these incidents are violent crimes. This is higher than most other areas of the state. To add to this, there has been an 80% increase in violent crime rates over the last few years.

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