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Of the many government sources of information on arrest records from Jefferson County, Indiana is the office of the local sheriff. Because the police keep data pertaining to the issue of all arrest warrants in the area, you will find an extensive amount of crime related information from this agency.

So, whether you would like to get a warrant search done or need to take a look at the most wanted list or are interested in the crime statistics for the past year, you will be able to find this information and more from the cops. To visit the sheriff’s office, you will have to go to 911 Casey, Mt Vernon, Illinois 62864.

You can also find details on Jefferson outstanding warrants from the office of the magistrate. Because only the court has the authority to issue arrest warrants, the police have to take their request for an arrest order to the judiciary. As soon as a warrant is granted, the magistrate’s court files all information pertaining to its release.

You can not only find information on active arrest order but also on bench warrants, search warrants and other similar legal provisions from this office. To get in touch with the magistrate’s court, you will have to go to 300 E. Main Street, Madison, Indiana 47250

The clerk of court also maintains records of arrest warrants from Jefferson County in the court dockets database. Because dockets are ultimately just a written account of what went on during a trial, they contain information on the release of all judicial instruments including warrants. To browse through the county clerk’s database of court dockets, you can go to Courthouse, Room 105, Mount Vernon, Illinois 62864.

In Jefferson County, IN every year almost 500 crimes are reported. Of this total figure, only about 20 incidents are violent in nature while the remaining are complaints about property theft. From 1999 to 2006, there has been a growth in overall crime of about 15% but this was balanced by the reduction of almost 40% in violent crime.

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