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While Kosciusko County, IN has historically shown a lower than average rate of crime, there has been an increase of almost 20% in the number of criminal incidents in the area, which should give you reason enough to conduct a warrant search on new acquaintances.

In case of violent felonies and misdemeanors, unless the person involved in the incident is arrested on the spot while committing the crime, the police will approach the judiciary for a warrant.

The procedure to be followed for the procurement of a court-sanctioned arrest order includes submitting a written petition. The writ outlines the crime, offers information about the accused, and presents an account of the evidence, including expert and witness testimony collected up to that point.

Based on these details, a probable cause must be established before the sitting magistrate can sign the order making it an official document known as an active arrest warrant. The issuance of a warrant signifies the start of a criminal procedure in which the accused is arrested, questioned, and presented before the court for a bail hearing and trial.

All active arrest warrant that cannot be executed are stored with the sheriff’s department of the county in which they are issued and an FBI database; these orders are legally termed as outstanding arrest warrants.

For information on Kosciusko County, Indiana arrest records, get in touch with the law enforcement head office at 221 W Main, Warsaw, Indiana 46580. Another way to conduct a warrant search is to browse through online records by filling the form above.

How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Kosciusko County over the phone? (2021-current)

  • For questions about Kosciusko County arrests, use the AIS direct phone number – 866-322-5857/67.
  • For arrest records, and collision records, connect with Records- 574-265-2219.
  • For victim’s assistance, call the Kosciusko County Prosecutor-574-372-2460.
  • For court records, contact the judicial clerk-574-372-2334.

Crime statistics of Kosciusko County

 In 2016, the local police reported an annual crime rate of nearly 560 incidents for Kosciusko County. Of the total complaints filed, almost 500 were against property crimes while the remaining cases were crimes against people.

In the property crimes larceny theft accounted for more than 350 cases, followed by burglary, with more than 150 instances. Of the complaints filed against violent crimes (against persons), more than 50 were matters pertaining to assault.

Kosciusko has a shallow crime rate; in 1999, only about 100 odd incidents were reported in the county, while nearly 9000 cases were filed in the area up to 2008. This puts the annual crime average at about 900 incidents; every day, less than three criminal occurrences are reported in Kosciusko.

Over the ten years, there has only been a marginal increase of about 15% in the county’s crime rate. The most worrisome crime category is theft, with an estimated 7000 case occurrences over the decade.

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