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Records of Jennings County, Indiana arrest warrants can be found with multiple state agencies. So, you could go to the police or the judiciary for a warrant search. The most important consideration here is that you ought to know how much information you need and the type of details you require.

Try the police headquarters for all information about the crime scene in Jennings. This includes a list of the most wanted, annual averages of various crime categories, offender lists, and of course, details on outstanding warrants from the area. The agency’s public services/records division will entertain requests for inquiry on active warrants from Jennings County.

You will have to fill a form furnishing the information you have on the subject and pay a small fee. In return, you will be offered a detailed background report on just about every offender in the police database who fits your search criteria. You will find case numbers, crime categories, arrest records, and conviction details for all the list felons.

Often, looking at information on the civil cases that a person may be involved in also helps make important decisions like keeping a job offer on the subject’s table. For a combinatorial report that includes records from Jennings court dockets for the civil and criminal tribunals, try the office of the county clerk.

The magistrate’s court can also get similar information for you. So, when you search for details on outstanding warrants in Jennings County, you can try any of these agencies, depending on how extensive a background check you need to get done. To connect with these state departments, try:

  • Police: 925 South State Street, North Vernon, Indiana 47265
  • Magistrate’s: 173 E Brown St, Campbellsburg, IN 47108
  • County clerk’s: PO Box 394, Vernon, Indiana 47282

Of the 340 crimes reported in Jennings County, IN each year, only about 8% are violent acts, while the rest of the figure is made of theft, robbery, and other property crimes. Through the eight years from 2001 to 2008, there has been a marked increase in the number of violent and reported crimes, which grew by an estimated 40% and 50%, respectively.

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