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Unless an active warrant is granted to the police, they only detain a person in limited circumstances. Another reason why arrest warrants are sought by the sheriff’s office is because these decrees confer very specific rights on peace officers when it comes to apprehending the suspect.

Unlike bench warrants from Ripley, an active order for arrest can be executed outside the issuing county and at virtually anytime. In fact, what is important for the peace officers, in such a case, is that the suspect be brought in to stand trial and they do have the authority to use force to bring in the accused individual.

This is one of the primary reasons why even people who do not have a criminal past ought to consider doing a Ripley County warrant search in their own name at regular intervals. This will help you to find out if any outstanding warrants have found their way in to the law enforcement databases of the county and the country.

You can choose to use the services of an online information vendor. For this, all you need to do is fill the form above and you will be given access to a privately managed database of arrest records from Ripley as well as the rest of the nation. Another option is to look for records on arrest warrants through a state agency. The details of the government offices that you can approach for such information is given below:

  • Sheriff: PO Box 686, 210 N Monroe St, Versailles, Indiana 47042
  • Court: 115 S Main St, Versailles, IN 47042
  • Clerk of Court: Box 404, Versailles, Indiana 47042

Of the 153 crimes that were reported to the police in Ripley County, IN, only about 8 incidents per year were against violent acts of crime. This works out to about 6% of the total annual crime rate. Despite the lower than normal crime average, the sheriff’s department of the area has been unable to control the rise of almost 90% in the number of reported occurrences and the doubling of violent incidents.

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