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If you or a loved one is confronted with the possibility of an arrest in Clark County, IN, it would certainly help to know your rights and the necessary court information issued arrest orders. The simplest definition of an arrest warrant is a judicial order for detention.

The document orders the police to apprehend an individual and present him/her before the court for a bail hearing and an eventual criminal case. However, these orders are not issued lightly. Even the Sherriff’s Department is obligated to follow a specified legal procedure to get a warrant.

The court will issue an arrest warrant only after presented with a petition that offers every bit of information available on the incident. A signed arrest order is called an active arrest warrant, and it allows the police to take a person into custody without any limitations placed on the time or place of such arrest.

To find precise details on the arrest records in Clark County and conduct a warrant search, contact the Sherriff’s Office in person by visiting them at 501 E Court Ave, Suite 159, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130. Their contact numbers are:

Nearly 31,000 crimes took place in Clark, IN, between 1999 and 2008, of which almost 5% were violent. The area’s annual crime rate is about 3000, and more than half of these incidents occur when the victim is only about a mile from his place of work or residence.

Fortunately, most criminal complaints are theft and robbery related with almost 25,000 incidents, including nearly 3000 occurrences of carjacking. Worrisome felonies like rape and murder are ranked comparatively lower, with only 180 and 20 incidents.

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