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The police are unusually generous when offering information on detention directives in the area through offline and online means. So, for an arrest warrant search in Pulaski County, IN, you don’t have to visit the law enforcement agency’s office in person necessarily. You can also use their website to conduct a rudimentary inquiry on orders for arrests.

The web pages dedicated to the sheriff’s office have a list of the area’s most wanted; this is updated frequently so that you will find names of all dangerous and frequent criminals on the police website. Although a search feature is not offered, all the people named in the list have outstanding warrants from Pulaski County to their name. The most wanted list is put up at http://gov.pulaskionline.org/sheriff/.

Another way to look for information on arrest records and active warrants is to visit the local justice center. This building will usually house the clerk of court’s office, which is in charge of keeping the court dockets database. In this repository, you will find the low down on the issue of all arrest warrants, including bench orders and the disposition of criminal and civil cases. To connect with the judiciary or local law enforcement, you can go to:

  • The police: 110 E Meridian Street, Winamac, Indiana 46996
  • The county clerk: 112 E Main St Ste 230, Winamac, Indiana 46996
  • The court of the magistrate: 112 E Main St, Winamac, IN 46996


How do you get information about Pulaski County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)            

  • For up-to-date arrests news, please dial the phone number of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office- 574-946-3341.
  • For arrest records or incident reports, please call the agency at- 574-946-6655
  • For reporting a crime or for general information, please use the non-emergency dispatch line (toll-free)- 800-283-3341.
  • For questions about arrest warrants, please contact the Superior Court- 574-946-3371.
  • For Victim Advocacy, please call the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office- 574-946-6858
  • For initiating a criminal case, please call the Clerk of Court- 574-946-3313


Crime statistics of Pulaski County

Of the nearly 160 criminal complaints filed in Pulaski County in 2019, the bulk, at almost 120 cases, were property-related crimes. These complaints were filed against 83 instances of theft, 23 of burglary, and 12 of car theft.

Older crime rates

Despite the improvement of almost 500% in the rate of violent crime and a 14% reduction in reported criminal activity, nearly 220 criminal complaints are filed in Pulaski County, Indiana, every year. Of these cases, almost 12% are violent crimes; however, thefts are the most commonly occurring criminal acts, with an estimated 120 instances lodged per annum.

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