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In conformance with the criminal procedure of the state a person can only be taken into custody when an active warrant from Gibson County, Indiana is issued against him/her unless this individual is detained at the scene of the crime or is arrested when he is committing the act. Also, arrest warrants can exclusively be issued by the sitting magistrate of a local tribunal.

Of course, the police do play a crucial part in the entire process. After all, it is the cops who investigate the matter and present the information collected before the court in the form of a writ. This petition details the crime and the role of the offender in it. After due consideration if this is found to be adequate to establish probable cause, an active warrant is released.

From here, the detention order finds its way into the police database at the state and national level in the form of an outstanding warrant from Gibson County. Arrest records are also included in these repositories. So any peace officer from the county or even another state can easily access this information when making an arrest.

Once a person is detained through the use of an active warrant, only the magistrate can grant him bail since the arrest order is issued by the judiciary to begin with. For a warrant search in Gibson, you can go to one of the three agencies mentioned below:

  • The sheriff’s: 112 E Emerson St  Princeton, IN 47670
  • The magistrate: 101 N. Main Street, Princeton, IN 47670-1562
  • The county clerk: Gibson County Courthouse, Princeton, IN 47670

Fewer than 200 crimes take place in Gibson County, Indiana each year. Despite an increase of nearly 90% in the overall crime average and a growth of almost 40% in the number of violent crimes, the local police only get about 3 complaints against violent criminal acts per annum.

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