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If you have a Lake County, Colorado arrest warrant out in your name issued in a felony, the chances are that you will be arrested even if you do not live in this part of the country anymore. When a freshly published arrest order known as an active arrest warrant is not used to make an arrest, it does not expire.

Far from it, the document is stored in a central database from where it can and is accessed by police officers. Even in the case of the most trivial legal offenses like a traffic violation, the first thing a police officer will do after the driver’s license is handed over to him is run the person’s name through this database.

Suppose any outstanding warrants are found against the person, depending on the nature of the crime. In that case, the individual will be arrested on the spot and may even be deported to the county where the warrant was issued.

The only way to deal with an active or outstanding warrant is to turn yourself in. This creates a modicum of trust in your person, and the judiciary may go lightly on you when setting bail. It is imperative to understand that only arrest orders issued in felony charges stay perpetually in effect; warrants issued in misdemeanor cases will expire after a few weeks, depending on the state they were issued in.

Because most employers now choose to conduct a background check on their employees, including a warrant search, it would be prudent to ascertain whether you have any pending arrest orders in your name before applying for a job. A definitive source of information for arrest records is, of course, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

They are situated on 2293 N Main St, Crown Point, Indiana 46307. Remember that the law enforcement agency is forever on the lookout for individuals who have not been arrested despite a warrant out in their name.

Under the assumption that it may be a suspect trying to do a warrant search in his/her name, they only entertain such inquiries in person. So, take your photo ID along when visiting the Sheriff’s Office if you have a warrant issued against you, regardless of how old it is.

Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Lake County? (2021- Update)

  • For an incident/accident/arrest report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (219)755-3400.
  • For information on active warrants contact the Bureau of Identification at (219)755-3316.
  • For details on recent arrests, dial the phone number of the Lake County Jail (219)648-6300.
  • For general information and to file a non-emergency complainant, call the Sheriff’s Department at (219)660-0001.
  • For information on victim’s assistance, call the Lake County Prosecutor at (219) 755-3720.
  • For criminal case court dates and information on accessing criminal judicial records, contact the (219) 755-3461.

Crime statistics of Lake County

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department filed roughly 570 criminal reports in 2018. More than 529 of the crimes reported were property crimes, with only about 44 constituting crimes against people. The majority of property crime cases involved larceny-theft (405 cases) and burglary (57 cases). The complaints in the category of violent crimes included 28 cases of aggravated assault and 2 of rape, among other offenses.

In terms of the crime data in Lake County, things have deteriorated slightly in the ten years from 1999 to 2008. While the increase in the rate of overall crime has been small at just a bit over 10%, the fact that the county had one of the highest crime figures in the state, to begin with, is enough to get people worried.

Although most of the 200,000 plus crimes reported in Lake in the decade were robberies and thefts at a startling 140,000 incidents, felony figures, including those for murder with almost 1000 cases and rape with over 1200 instances, are also on the higher side.

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