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Once a judicial order for detention is issued, it is termed as an active warrant from Fayette County, Indiana. However, such decrees quickly turn into outstanding warrants if they are not executed. While it is the fervent effort of the sheriff’s office to serve all arrest warrants as soon as they are issued, this is not always possible.

For one, few suspects are waiting in line to be apprehended, so there is much leg work that the law enforcement agency has to put in to detain an individual. Although with an active warrant, peace officers can enter any property at any time to effect the arrest, it can be hard to nab the criminal once he flees the county or state.

The only time such an individual would come up on the police radar is when he is involved in a legal altercation of any kind. Even if it is a regular traffic stop, the officer on the scene will definitely run the name of the person through a database of nationwide arrest records and warrants that is hosted by the FBI.

Although regular folks do not get access to this central repository of outstanding warrants, it is possible to get a warrant search done through the sheriff’s office of Fayette County or even the judiciary. To connect with an appropriate agency, you can try

  • Judiciary: 401 N Central Ave, Connersville, IN 47331
  • Law enforcement: 123 W 4th St, Connersville, Indiana 47331
  • County Clerk: 401 Central Avenue, Connersville, Indiana 47331

Over the eight years from 2000 to 2007, violent crime in Fayette County, IN has held almost steady but the same cannot be said about property crimes which have scaled to almost 1500 incidents from the 800 cases that were filed at the beginning of the interval mentioned above. Of the 10,000 incidents that were reported in these eight years, only about 200 were violent in nature.

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