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The crime rate in Delaware County, IN is enough to make most people sit up and take notice and mull over a warrant search. However, before you go on a quest for arrest records in the area, it would be prudent to have some information about how an arrest order works and the procedure followed for its issuance. This will better help you to understand the weight of the order and the rights of the person against whom it has been issued.

A judicial order for the detention of a person in a criminal matter is called an arrest warrant. The document has to be signed by the magistrate of a judicial entity that handles criminal matters before it can come into effect.

In order to get their hand on an active arrest warrant which is simply a signed order for arrest, the Sherriff’s Department has to approach the magistrate with a sworn affidavit that details the incident and the person’s role in the occurrence along with the evidence etc gathered thus far.

If this proves to be satisfactory from the point of view of filing a criminal case, the judge grants the warrant. In most cases, law enforcement officials will be quick about executing the warrant. However, any number of circumstances may prove to be a hindrance in taking a person into custody.

In such a scenario, the document is only back logged in the system as an outstanding arrest warrant without any change occurring in its powers. So, yes, an arrest can and will be made in Delaware, Indiana even after a decade of the crime being committed.

The best course of action for people who are interested in a warrant search is to call on the Sherriff’s Department at their office at 100 W Washington St, Muncie, Indiana 47305. They can also be contacted over the phone on 765-747-7885; however, you may not get the information you seek through this medium.

The rise in crime in the county of Delaware has not been particularly high at just about 20%. However, it is imperative to understand that the area started with fairly high crime numbers in 1999 of almost 200 cases of violent crime. Since then, the rate of criminal incidents has increased to almost 250.

In the ten year period stated, nearly 28,000 cases were registered in the county which brings the annual crime rate to about 3600 incidents. Of the total criminal cases, most have something to do with robbery and thefts at approximately 21,000 reports while murder and rape are placed significantly lower down the chain with just about 20 and 500 instances.

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