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Getting arrested can undoubtedly be a harrowing experience; more so, if you don’t know what your rights are and why you are being taken into custody. Each year, of the millions of people who are arrested across the country, almost 30% are taken into custody on the basis of an arrest warrant.

A warrant for arrest is a judicial order for detaining a person and presenting him/her in court. It is exclusively issued by a branch of the judiciary in Morgan County, IN that holds the authority to depose in criminal matters.

Before such an order is handed over to the police, the sitting magistrate is legally obligated to consider the evidence in the matter and ascertain that probable cause exist to hold the person in question accountable for the crime.

If an active arrest warrant is issued against a person, he/she will without a doubt be arrested as the order stays in effect till such time that the accused is taken into custody. Sometimes, the issuances of a warrant can lead to quick action from the local law enforcement agency while in other scenarios, it may take a while for the police to pursue an accused with a warrant in his name.

In the meanwhile, the arrest order is stored in a central database and is legally termed as an outstanding arrest warrant. For information on arrest records and outstanding warrants, visit the Sherriff’s Office in Morgan County at 160 N Park Ave, Martinsville, Indiana 46151 or speak to the records clerk on 765-342-5544. A warrant search on the internet is often a better option but you will need to fill the form above to access the database of arrest records.

In Morgan, Indiana, nearly 1100 crime cases are filed each year with a daily crime average of almost 3 incidents; this works out to over 11,000 reports between 1999 and 2008. Of this gross crime figure, theft and robbery incidents were numbered at roughly 10,000 while rapes and murders with just about 35 and 3 cases respectively only formed a small part of the total criminal activity.

Over this decade, there was only a single digit increase in the rate of violent crime while property crimes went up by over 30%. Starting at only about 100 criminal incidents in 1999, Morgan still clocks one of the lowest crime rates in the state.

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