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If you are looking for arrest records in Franklin County, Indiana, you will find several justice agencies more than willing to part with this information. A background report will comprise details on convictions, detention records, and arrest warrants.

Because the judiciary and the police work hand in hand when it comes to an active warrant, you can approach law enforcement or judicial agency for a Franklin County warrant search. So, you could start with the office of the sheriff for all crime-related data. While at the agency headquarters, you will also get many ancillary details like a most wanted list, annual crime averages, and more.

Once you have gathered all criminal facts about the subject, it would be an excellent time to head to the Franklin County clerk’s office. This agency keeps the court dockets for all tribunals that operate in the area. This means that you can also receive civil records from the clerk of court’s office. So, if you have been wondering about any insurance claims filed by the subject or other litigations that he might be involved in, this department can help you out with pertinent details.

If you already have the case number of a particular matter and would like to know about what happened during the trial or the legal instruments like bench warrants, summons, outstanding warrants, etc., that were issued during the proceedings, try the office of the magistrate. You can contact these agencies at:

  • Office of the Sheriff: 371 Main St, Brookville, Indiana 47012
  • Office of the Magistrate: 459 Main Street, Brookville, Indiana 47012
  • Office of the Clerk of Court: Same as above

If you need information on Franklin County recent arrest and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • 765-647-4138- Call the Franklin County Jail to learn about recent arrests.
  • 765-647-3589- Call the State Attorney’s Office to reach Victim/Witness Services.
  • 765- 647-5111- Call the Clerk of Court for a judicial records inquiry.

Crime Statistics of Franklin County

Approximately 140 criminal complaints were filed in Franklin County in 2019. More than 135 of these were filed against property offenses such as larceny-theft (90), burglary (30), and automobile thefts (18). The 4 complaints filed against violent crimes were all connected with assault cases.

Franklin County, IN, has a low crime rate with less than 100 crime reports lodged every year. Of these, barely 2 are violent crime incidents, while the remaining instances are attributed to property crime acts. Although the crime scene in the area is not exceptionally bad, violent crime has almost doubled, and the number of overall criminal incidents has gone up by nearly 60%, from 2001 to 2008.

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