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For Clay County’s issue, IN arrest warrants, the police and the magistrate have to follow a prescribed legal protocol. This involves submitting the formal writ in court, which is to be treated as the pre-rants trial’s foundation. This hearing is specifically held to ensure that the police case is based on facts and that the person in question indeed seems to be responsible for a criminal act.

The petition is prepared in such a way that it keeps all case-related facts before the court. If the information found in the affidavit is not enough to clearly show probable cause, the witnesses are often called in to depose under oath. This is done in conformance with the Fourth Amendment, which ensures the individual’s right to freedom.

All arrest orders that a local tribunal in criminal matters is known as active warrants, while such detention orders that remain unexecuted are legally called outstanding warrants. The magistrate’s office holds information on both active and outstanding warrants from Clay County, the county clerk’s department, and the sheriff’s office.

This can be accessed by requesting a formal warrant search through these agencies. Members of the public are required to pay a small fee for such an inquiry. The report furnished will usually contain all the offenders in the state’s criminal system that match the input parameters. To start your search for information on arrest records and warrants, go to:

  • Police: 611 East Jackson Street, Brazil, Indiana 47834-2652
  • Magistrate’s court: 609 E National Ave, Brazil, IN 47834
  • County clerk: 609 E. National Ave Room 213, Brazil, Indiana 47834

Although the 250 criminal incidents that are reported in Clay County, IN are not exceptionally problematic, the fact that there has been an increase of nearly 70% in the rate of violent crime and a growth of almost 40% in the figures of overall crime is what makes most people take a closer look at the criminal statistics of the area. Of the annual crime average, over 12% are violent occurrences.

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