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All active warrants issued in White County, Indiana, are promptly included in the police and judicial crime databases upon release. As soon as the person against whom the detention order has been issued is taken into custody, the original document is sent back to the magistrate’s office. This is done to ensure that the judiciary also has access to arrest records from White.

If the order cannot be executed, the decree remains in effect as an outstanding warrant. Details about these orders can be found with the local judicial offices and the White County sheriff’s department. The Freedom of Information Act of the state confers upon all residents the statutory right to get a warrant search.

Simultaneously, according to this law, the agency in question can charge a small fee to cover printing and staffing costs. However, an applicant will seldom have to pay more than a few dollars to get details on White County to arrest records and warrants.

Although a proper background check comes with a price tag, you can get much other crime-related information at virtually no cost. For instance, you can find the most wanted list for White County from any police precinct office. You can also get information on civil cases by browsing the court dockets database that can be accessed through the public service terminals at White County justice center. For a formal inquiry about arrest warrants, you will have to connect with one of the agencies listed here:

  • Sheriff’s department: 915 Hanawalt St, Monticello, Indiana 47960-1828
  • Magistrate’s office: 110 N Main St, Monticello, IN 47960
  • Clerk of court’s department: PO Box 127, Monticello, Indiana 47960

The White County IN, sheriff’s department receives approximately 200 complaints each year, of which less than 5 are violent. Over the six years from 2002 to 2008, an estimated 1300 crimes occurred in the area, and in more than half of these cases, the victim was close to his home or office when the incident occurred.

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